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Question : How can marketing staff approve external photoshoots uploaded into the library by external photographers?

Answer : We recommend channelling external content into an ‘Approval Area’. Marketing then edit metadata, categorise and move photos into other Areas of the library.

Question : Can I hide some information and fields from casual users but display all fields to privileged users?

Answer : Yes the Medialibrary is configurable based on user role. User interface fields and access to modules such as 'Admin' and 'Insert media' can be setup for each of the roles in the library. The Medialibrary is preconfigured with roles for 'administrators', 'powerusers' and 'users. You can modify and add to these roles to suit your business requirements.

Question : What is the process to make entering searchable information compulsory? We encourage staff to centralise their photography to free up storage space on desktops and hard drives but tagging is often neglected?

Answer : Ticking relevant fields on the Mandatory Fields setup screen ensures an empty mandatory field is highlighted. This means the user must add important information like Title and Description text to generate Keywords automatically in order to make the photo searchable.


Question : How are permission documents attached to photograph(s)?

Answer : "Hard Linking" pairs a copyright, model release, data protection form, press release or brand guidelines to a photo by displaying it under "Linked Media"" on the bottom right hand of the search results screen. Note: Linking one generic document to multiple photos means all the photos are displayed under "Linked Media".

Question : We store EPS logos in the Medialibrary for printers to download. But they are only available as Jpegs on the download screen. What's the work around for this?

Answer : "When an eps image is stored in the Medialibrary the low and medium resolution images are jpeg and the high resolution image is the original eps file. To download the eps image from the Download Media screen select "High resolution image (suitable for print)"

Question : What is the difference between a Project and a Lightbox?

Answer : "Administrators create a number of Projects to share with a Role group like designers to plan publications and events. Designer access rights might include 'Add' and 'Remove' files, 'View' and ‘Create Comments’ and ‘Download photos’ from a named Project. Users create a personal Lightbox to store searches for a presentation and may share a Lightbox with other Role groups. Unlike Projects, Role groups cannot ‘Add’ or ‘Remove’ files from an owner Lightbox and there is no 'Comments' facility. Appropriate access rights to 'Download' files from the Organise menu are required when a Project or Lightbox is shared with other Role groups. Projects that reach their ‘Expiry date’ are no longer visible under the Browse menu (but displayed to Administrators under Manage Projects) which prevents content being added after a publication is printed or the event has taken place."

Question : Is Wild Card Search an Option?

Answer : The main Search screen uses keywords to search the library and allows AND or OR included in the search text to widen or narrow the the search results. When you enter characters into the search text box a list of available keywords is displayed allowing you to select an appropriate word for precisely searching the library. If you wish to search on arbitary text you can use the Advanced Search screen which allows wild card searching as shown below.

Question : The number of thumbnails on my search results screen is pre-set to 40 thumbnails per page by the administrator. How do I reduce this number to 30, 20 or 10?

Answer : My Preferences beside the Organise menu at the top right hand area of the search results screen displays a dropdown menu to select 4, 8, 20, 40 or 80 thumbnails per page. Selecting the other Preferences menu beside the Login will change the Rollover fields to display information when you use the cursor to Rollover thumbnails.

Question : Conditions of use and license agreements are attached to some photos purchased from stock image libraries. How is this controlled in the library?

Answer : The "Terms and Conditions" dialogue box can log this information. This means the user must tick the check box on the Download screen confirming their agreement. An Expiry Date makes the photo inaccessible to users and ensures permission is renewed or the photo deleted by Administrators.